Exchange Student

For a short period of time (1 or 2 semesters) you can study within the Erasmus program or as a Freemover student at our university.

Just for a short time

Even if your friends back home get bored of hearing about it (warning: they will), your study abroad experience will stay with you long after it’s over.

Exchange/Freemover students

You are nominated by your home university coordinator – an email sent to International Office coordinator before the following deadlines:

1st May (20th April for Visa students = non EU citizens)  for winter semester
15th November (20th October Visa students ) for summer semester

After the nomination, you will get an email with detailed information about our application process. After the deadlines, your acceptance is confirmed. In case of Erasmus programme, the acceptance is guaranteed (almost, for example at Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design nad Art, there is an intern selection procedure after the application deadline). In case of Freemovers, the acceptance is confirmed individually by the faculty coordinator and is not guaranteed.

You fill in the online registration on Portal – faculty coordinator is assigned to you, you choose your courses and apply for the accommodation at the university dormitory if interested (by email to ekotouc@rek.zcu.cz).

You apply for long-term study visa (non EU citizens=visa students only) - at the czech embassy website.

You will receive Letter of Acceptance and Proof of Accommodation (after having paid the reservation fee in the amount of 5 000,-CZK) by post – you will submit those documents to the embassy.

You create your Learning Agreement – the document is generated on Portal within your online registration, and you send it to the faculty coordinator. The name and email will be written on the document. If your home university is connected to the platform EWP (Erasmus Without Paper) you send us your LA through EWP.

You fill in the e-application for JIS card and pay the fee for the fabrication of this card (upon your arrival in Pilsen, at the university cash desk).

You can apply for a Buddy (Czech student helping incoming students) who will help you with all practical issues before your arrival and during your stay in Pilsen.

You will arrive at the UWB in September / February when new semester begins.

You will check-in at the reception of the university dormitory which was assigned to you. The address of the dormitory will be given to you by the International coordinator.

You will sign the Accommodation contract with the head of the dormitory and make necessary payment (the rent) - possible in cash or by credit card.

You will come to say hello to the International Office coordinator (Mrs.Eva Kotoučová) where you will be officially welcomed and accepted.

If needed, you will receive the Certificate of Arrival at the International Office.

You will visit the Study department of the faculty (or some faculties organize a special meeting for new exchange students at the very begining of the semester) where the official registration for studies is done.

You go to collect JIS card at HelpDesk. You activate your Orion account (instructions sent by email from HelpDesk before your arrival)

Now everything important is done and you can attend the lectures and seminars. Congratulations!

You can make the changes in your study plan and submit Changes of Learning agreement (CHLA) to your faculty coordinator if necessary – you have one month to do it.

After the lectures finish, you take the exams (January/June).

You will get Transcript of Records (the results of the courses which you studied) from your faculty coordinator.

You will get Certificate of Attendance at the International Office.

Do not forget to come to say good bye to the International Office!

Finally you leave Pilsen.

We hope you enjoyed your time spent at the University of West Bohemia and look forward to seeing you again!