Study in english

Study Programmes in English are offered at the faculties of the University of West Bohemia:

Study programmes offered (standard duration)

  • bachelor study programmes (3 years)
  • master study programmes (4-5 years) or continuing master study programmes (2 years)
  • doctoral study programmes (3-4 years) 

In the academic year 2024/2025, only doctoral study programmes in English will be open and one follow-up master study programme (bachelor's degree programmes in English will not be open).

Degrees awarded

All three faculties offer study programmes leading to the following degrees: Bachelor (Bc.), an equivalent of B.A.; Master (Mgr.), an equivalent of M.A.; Engineer (Ing.), an equivalent of M.Sc.; Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Study Programmes Offered in English



  • Management and Digital Technology
    - The programme is designed as a double degree programme (4 years) and is now in the process of accreditation, expected to be open in September 2024 ‑ see the faculty websites. The programme will be offered only in English.




  • Development and Globalization
    - The aim of the Development and Globalization study program is to offer students complex orientation and understanding of the issues of globalization and development from the perspective of political science, history, and sociology.
  • Philosophy for Artificial Intelligence
    - The programme aims at the philosophical exploration of the nature and transformations of human thought and language in the context of current developments in cybernetics and computer science.


  • Electrical Power Engineering- The programme extends the graduates of the bachelor's study programme's expertise in the field of power engineering and electrical power engineering and further deepens it in the chosen specialization.


FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCES (more information; admission procedure)

  • Applied Mechanics
    - Programme is aimed at the analysis of motion, stress and strain, durability and failure prediction of mechanical and biomechanical systems subjected to static, thermal and dynamic loading. You will learn how to work with analytical, numerical and experimental methods.
  • Mathematics
    - You will become a highly qualified researcher with deep knowledge of various mathematical disciplines (mathematical analysis, discrete mathematics, numerical mathematics, geometry, etc.).
  • Computer Science and Engineering
    - Programme is aimed at students who are interested in analysis of complex problems, work with current data and information, development of new methods, and concepts and solutions in informatics, in particular in their verification and presentation to experts.
  • Plasma Physics and Physics of Thin Films
    - Programme is aimed at modelling and diagnostics of nonequilibrium discharge plasmas, study of film growth and surface modification processes, design and investigation of novel plasma sources for thin film deposition and the study of thermomechanical processes in materials.
  • Cybernetics
    -  The goal is the publication of a scientific research paper. Students will apply the latest knowledge of artificial intelligence in emerging applications of intelligent decision-making and communication.You will become an expert in performing complex technical analysis of technical issues and problems.
  • Geomatics
    - The aim of this doctoral study programme is to educate experts with deep knowledge of geomatics. Students deepen their knowledge of geodesy, photogrammetry, cartography, geometry, navigation and database systems and geographic information systems.

FACULTY OF ARTS (more information)

  • Archaeology
    - The study programme aims at educating experts who understand archaeology as a wide cognitive discipline. You will gain in-depth knowledge of non-destructive methods of field research, such as aerial photography, geophysical research and surface collection of samples. 
  • History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
    -  It is focused on research activities and independent creative work.  They will be able to carry out independent research activities and reconstruct the development of science, scientific disciplines and theories.
  • Modern History
    - The aim of the study programme is to enhance the ability to independently and critically explore the past, expand comprehensive knowledge of the political, economic, social and cultural development of human society in the modern era, and apply practical and theoretical skills gained.

FACULTY OF ECONOMICS (more information)

  • Economics and Management
    - The objective of this study programme is to educate experts who are able to creatively conduct research activities in the area of economics and management. Students learn how to use the relevant research methods and will be able to publish and defend the results of their work.

FACULTY OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (information about admission procedure)

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
    - In the course of study, students deepen their knowledge of heavy-current and light-current electronics, electronics, electric drives and machines, robotics, control, information and telecommunication technologies, generation, transmission and use of electric energy, construction and project processes, material engineering, diagnostics, sensorics, computer modeling, production, and management.

FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (information about admission procedure)

  • Manufacturing and Materials
    - The aim of this doctoral study programmeme is to educate highly qualified experts in engineering technology who understand machining processes, additive technologies and quality assurance, special engineering, technologies and materials, production and processing of construction materials. 
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
    - Programme aims at those who want to deepen their knowledge of design, planning and effective operation of a digital factory using tools and methods for optimizing business processes. You will gain insight into virtual manufacturing systems, production control, production costs, management, simulation and logistics etc.
  • Theory and Construction of Machines
    - You will gain in-depth knowledge of the design, construction and development of power machines and equipment in order to increase their efficiency, durability and reliability. You will also understand the operation of power plants and gain insight into the area of gas turbines and turbochargers.


  • Preparatory courses for study in the Czech Language
    - The courses are aimed for foreigners interested in enrolling in the University of West Bohemia. Nowadays, we offer a preparatory course for study at the technical faculties of our University (Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), and a preparatory course for study at the Faculty of Economics. In addition to an intensive language training in Czech, the course also encompasses subjects, which are specifically related to the chosen field of study.
  • Intensive Czech language courses
    - The courses are intended for foreigners willing to achieve A2, B1, or B2 level in Czech. The courses can be taken by foreigners interested in enrolling in the UWB study programmes, for which a special preparatory course is not available, however, the courses are open for a broader audience.

SUMMER SCHOOLS (organized in July)

  • International Summer Language School
    - You can choose whole day and/or afternoon courses (8 languages offered)
  • Art Camp
    -  Come to spend a part of your summer in a creative and inspiring environment, discover or develop your talents, meet interesting Czech and foreign artists, and prepare for art university examinations.

Guide to the University of West Bohemia

Basic Information - Admission Procedure

Admission requirements

Candidates must submit the following documents:

  • filled on-line application form completed at least 8 months before the beginning of their study (January-February)
  • curriculum vitae (CV)
  • motivation letter
  • verified copy of secondary school-leaving certificate/s (for study in Bachelor study programmes) or verified copy of recognised university diploma/s (for study in Postgraduate study programmes)
  • copies of all other obtained diploma/s and qualification certificate/s
  • document or confirmation of your English language knowledge (e.g. TOEFL certificate - score at least 200, FCE certificate, IELTS certificate - score 6 - 6.5)


All documents must be submitted in English or as a verified translation into Czech. It is necessary to deliver these materials to the Students Affairs Office of appropriate faculty of the University of West Bohemia by deadline for submission of applications (usually March 31st).

Tuition fees

The tuition fee is 3,000 – 4,000 EURO per academic year (according to the faculty). The fee covers courses, consultations, examination fees and the library fee. Expenses for room and board are not included. The tuition fee is paid before your enrolment to the university at the beginning of the academic year.

Conditions for Enrolment

After receiving notification of admission (decision of acceptance for study), the student must submit the following documents prior to enrolment at the University of West Bohemia:

  • study acceptance from the particular faculty (in some cases the admission to study is connected with successful entrance examinations or with the results of an entrance interview)
  • long-term study visa or long-term stay for purpose of study
  • health insurance policy covering the entire study period (the student will be granted a study visa for the period covered by his/her health insurance policy)
  • certified payment of the required tuition fee into the UWB bank account

All the documents should be presented to the Students Affairs Office of appropriate faculty in their original form.


Accommodation and Catering Services

The University has its own halls of residence, which offer services to full-time students. Accommodation with shared facilities could be reserved in a double room for the full academic semester independent of the student’s arrival date. Self-catering facilities are available on each floor of the dormitories. Each suite has a refrigerator. Upon your arrival, you will be asked to pay a CZK 4000 deposit that will be returned to you on the day of departure. You are advised to bring your own cutlery and plates; but you do NOT need to bring your own sets of bed linen.

For those wishing to make their own arrangements, accommodation can be found in private appartments. It is important to note that these rents are much higher and can vary considerably.

See also the websites of the Accommodation and Catering Administration (ACA = SKM).

The University has two cafeterias, one in the centre of the city and one in the University campus at Bory. They serve warm dishes at lunch time and dinner at reasonable price from Monday to Friday. At weekends the cafeterias are closed, however, there is a number of restaurants, pizzerias and cafés nearby. The price range from CZK 90 – 200 (i.e. Euro 3 – 7).


Practical Information

Academic Year

The academic year is divided into two semesters. Each semesters contains thirteen weeks of lectures and up to a six-week examination period. The academic year begins by winter semester in September, usually in the last week. The summer semester begins in the middle of February. Summer holidays are in July and August.

Living costs

The basic monetary unit of the Czech Republic is 1 Kč (i.e. Czech crown - CZK). Money exchange services are provided by banks and exchange offices. Credit cards are widely accepted in shops, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and travel agencies.

The average living costs can be estimated to approx. 200 Euro/Month including accommodation and food. It always depends on each student possibilities.

Health Insurance

Prior to the entry into the Czech Republic, all international students MUST purchase their own personalized health insurance, covering the entire study period and valid in the Czech Republic.

General policies usually cover standard treatments. It is important to note that the standard insurance policies do not cover the following matters: dental care, transplantation of any sort, treatment of drug / alcohol dependence, treatment of AIDS, diabetes, dialysis and serious inherited diseases.

International students studying in the Czech Republic can arrange for a health insurance policy by the General Health Insurance company ( Vseobecna zdravotni pojistovna-VZP ), which covers all standard treatments. The costs of the health insurance varies according to the student‘s age and health condition. The student must pass a medical entrance examination before the health insurance policy can be arranged.

Applying for a visa

All international students (does NOT apply for citizens of EU) must apply for a long-term study visa or long-term stay for purpose of study, covering the entire study period (=academic year). This is NOT the equivalent of a short-term tourist visa! It is essential that students obtain a study visa prior to entry into the Czech Republic. International students and visitors are advised to contact the Czech Embassy in their home country in order to obtain the latest information regarding the visa application procedure.

It is advisable to apply for the long-term study visa well in advance of the intended arrival date, as the processing time takes approx. 2 months from the date of submitting the application form at the Czech Embassy in the home country. This form needs to be accompanied by the following documents (not older than 180 days):

  • letter confirming admission to study or study confirmation
  • letter confirming the accommodation or accommodation confirmation

Both of these documents are issued by the Czech host university.

  • proof of health insurance and financial coverage, passport, birth certificate and passport size photos

In addition, the Czech Embassy in the home country may request the proof of lack of a criminal record in the home and host countries.

Registration at the foreign police department is necessary if you are staying longer than one month. More detailed information can be obtained from the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

The police may repeatedly prolong the period of the visa validity by 365 days as a maximum without the necessity to leave the country.