Full Time Study Programmes

International students can study at the UWB in Czech or English.

Study Programmes in the Czech language  (free study programmes)
Students who would like to study in the Czech language have the same conditions as Czech students and are not required to pay the tuition fee (does not apply for students who already graduated from the Czech university!).

Parallel Study Programmes in a foreign language (English, paid programs).
Students wishing to study Parallel Study Programmes in English are required to pay the tuition fee.

In any case, the applicant fills in the application form and pays an administrative fee for its processing in the amount of CZK 500.

Services for international students

  • Counseling and provision of information on study opportunities at the UWB
  • Information on visa requirements and other requirements necessary for entry into the Czech Republic
  • Assistance with the organization of students' stays within short-term internships at the UWB
  • Assistance in providing accommodation at the university + preparation of the document
    for accommodation to foreign students admitted to the 1st year of study at the UWB

Contact address
International Office
University of West Bohemia
Univerzitni 20
301 00 Pilsen
Czech Republic

Applying for a visa

Student mode is a concept for facilitating the visa procedure for a specific group of students from third countries.

On 22 May 2017, the Government of the Czech Republic approved the project "Student Mode". The aim of the Student Mode is to facilitate the visa/stay process for selected students-foreigners who are admitted to study at Universities in the Czech Republic and at the same time they are enrolled in the Student Mode.

 Realization of Student Mode

  • The university selects the students and submits the application in electronic form to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.
  • When a student is enrolled in the Mode, the relevant Embassy contacts the student and sets the date for submission of the application.
  • If a student does not attend or apply for a long-term visa for a study that does not meet the eligibility requirements, he / she will not receive a substitute term but will have to apply again for inclusion at the Mode.
  • In the case of an incomplete application for a long-term visa for the study purposes, this application will not be accepted on grounds of inadmissibility.
  • In the case, the student will submit an incomplete application for a long-term residence permit for study purposes, the applicant will be asked to add missing data/documents.

Third Countries whose citizens may be enrolled in the Student Mode