Study Programmes offered in English for the Academic Year 2024/25



  • Management and Digital Technology
    - The programme is designed as a double degree programme (4 years) and is now in the process of accreditation, expected to be open in September 2024 ‑ see the faculty websites. The programme will be offered only in English.



  • Development and Globalization
    - The aim of the Development and Globalization study program is to offer students complex orientation and understanding of the issues of globalization and development from the perspective of political science, history, and sociology.
  • Philosophy for Artificial Intelligence
    - The programme aims at the philosophical exploration of the nature and transformations of human thought and language in the context of current developments in cybernetics and computer science.



  • Electrical Power Engineering - The programme extends the graduates of the bachelor's study programme's expertise in the field of power engineering and electrical power engineering and further deepens it in the chosen specialization.


FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCES (more information; admission procedure)

  • Applied Mechanics
    - Programme is aimed at the analysis of motion, stress and strain, durability and failure prediction of mechanical and biomechanical systems subjected to static, thermal and dynamic loading. You will learn how to work with analytical, numerical and experimental methods.
  • Mathematics
    - You will become a highly qualified researcher with deep knowledge of various mathematical disciplines (mathematical analysis, discrete mathematics, numerical mathematics, geometry, etc.).
  • Computer Science and Engineering
    - Programme is aimed at students who are interested in analysis of complex problems, work with current data and information, development of new methods, and concepts and solutions in informatics, in particular in their verification and presentation to experts.
  • Plasma Physics and Physics of Thin Films
    - Programme is aimed at modelling and diagnostics of nonequilibrium discharge plasmas, study of film growth and surface modification processes, design and investigation of novel plasma sources for thin film deposition and the study of thermomechanical processes in materials.
  • Cybernetics
    -  The goal is the publication of a scientific research paper. Students will apply the latest knowledge of artificial intelligence in emerging applications of intelligent decision-making and communication.You will become an expert in performing complex technical analysis of technical issues and problems.
  • Geomatics
    - The aim of this doctoral study programme is to educate experts with deep knowledge of geomatics. Students deepen their knowledge of geodesy, photogrammetry, cartography, geometry, navigation and database systems and geographic information systems.

FACULTY OF ARTS (more information)

  • Archaeology
    - The study programme aims at educating experts who understand archaeology as a wide cognitive discipline. You will gain in-depth knowledge of non-destructive methods of field research, such as aerial photography, geophysical research and surface collection of samples. 
  • History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
    -  It is focused on research activities and independent creative work.  They will be able to carry out independent research activities and reconstruct the development of science, scientific disciplines and theories.
  • Modern History
    - The aim of the study programme is to enhance the ability to independently and critically explore the past, expand comprehensive knowledge of the political, economic, social and cultural development of human society in the modern era, and apply practical and theoretical skills gained.

FACULTY OF ECONOMICS (more information)

  • Economics and Management
    - The objective of this study programme is to educate experts who are able to creatively conduct research activities in the area of economics and management. Students learn how to use the relevant research methods and will be able to publish and defend the results of their work.

FACULTY OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (information about admission procedure)

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
    - In the course of study, students deepen their knowledge of heavy-current and light-current electronics, electronics, electric drives and machines, robotics, control, information and telecommunication technologies, generation, transmission and use of electric energy, construction and project processes, material engineering, diagnostics, sensorics, computer modeling, production, and management.

FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (information about admission procedure)

  • Manufacturing and Materials
    - The aim of this doctoral study programmeme is to educate highly qualified experts in engineering technology who understand machining processes, additive technologies and quality assurance, special engineering, technologies and materials, production and processing of construction materials. 
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
    - Programme aims at those who want to deepen their knowledge of design, planning and effective operation of a digital factory using tools and methods for optimizing business processes. You will gain insight into virtual manufacturing systems, production control, production costs, management, simulation and logistics etc.
  • Theory and Construction of Machines
    - You will gain in-depth knowledge of the design, construction and development of power machines and equipment in order to increase their efficiency, durability and reliability. You will also understand the operation of power plants and gain insight into the area of gas turbines and turbochargers.


  • Preparatory courses for study in the Czech Language
    - The courses are aimed for foreigners interested in enrolling in the University of West Bohemia. Nowadays, we offer a preparatory course for study at the technical faculties of our University (Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), and a preparatory course for study at the Faculty of Economics. In addition to an intensive language training in Czech, the course also encompasses subjects, which are specifically related to the chosen field of study.
  • Intensive Czech language courses
    - The courses are intended for foreigners willing to achieve A2, B1, or B2 level in Czech. The courses can be taken by foreigners interested in enrolling in the UWB study programmes, for which a special preparatory course is not available, however, the courses are open for a broader audience.

SUMMER SCHOOLS (organized in July)

  • International Summer Language School
    - You can choose whole day and/or afternoon courses (8 languages offered)
  • Art Camp
    -  Come to spend a part of your summer in a creative and inspiring environment, discover or develop your talents, meet interesting Czech and foreign artists, and prepare for art university examinations.

Full Time Study Programmes

International students can study at the UWB in Czech or English.

Study Programmes in the Czech language  (free study programmes)
Students who would like to study in the Czech language have the same conditions as Czech students and are not required to pay the tuition fee (does not apply for students who already graduated from the Czech university!).

Study Programmes in a foreign language (English, paid programs).
Students wishing to study programmes in English are required to pay the tuition fee.

In any case, the applicant fills in the application form and pays an administrative fee for its processing in the amount of CZK 500 - 800.

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Guide to the University of West Bohemia


Services for international students

  • Counseling and provision of information on study opportunities at the UWB
  • Information on visa requirements and other requirements necessary for entry into the Czech Republic
  • Assistance with the organization of students' stays within short-term internships at the UWB
  • Assistance in providing accommodation at the university + preparation of the document
    for accommodation to foreign students admitted to the 1st year of study at the UWB

ACCOMMODATION HOTLINE FOR INERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Tel. +420 735 715 814 (help with translations at the Dorms)

Contact address
International Office
University of West Bohemia
Univerzitni 20
301 00 Pilsen
Czech Republic

Applying for a visa

Student mode is a concept for facilitating the visa procedure for a specific group of students from third countries.

On 22 May 2017, the Government of the Czech Republic approved the project "Student Mode". The aim of the Student Mode is to facilitate the visa/stay process for selected students-foreigners who are admitted to study at Universities in the Czech Republic and at the same time they are enrolled in the Student Mode.

 Realization of Student Mode

  • The university selects the students and submits the application in electronic form to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.
  • When a student is enrolled in the Mode, the relevant Embassy contacts the student and sets the date for submission of the application.
  • If a student does not attend or apply for a long-term visa for a study that does not meet the eligibility requirements, he / she will not receive a substitute term but will have to apply again for inclusion at the Mode.
  • In the case of an incomplete application for a long-term visa for the study purposes, this application will not be accepted on grounds of inadmissibility.
  • In the case, the student will submit an incomplete application for a long-term residence permit for study purposes, the applicant will be asked to add missing data/documents.

Extention of residence permit

The Minisry of Interior of the Czech Rep. has prepared the following overview for easier orientation of foreign students who need to extend their residence permit:

Main points:

  • If a student already has long-term residence for purpose of “studies” which validity is expiring soon, he/she can extend it in person or via post (how to extend a long-term residence permit). This is applied only in case the student continues his/her studies at the same school/university.
  • There is a special OPC office at Hládkov for foreign students with residence in Prague.
  • In some cases there is an application fee required. If you send your application via post, please do not forget to attach fee stamps of respective value. More information can be found under corresponding hyperlinks. Overview of fees can be found here.

Information and leaflet are available at the UWB Intranet.

Third Countries whose citizens may be enrolled in the Student Mode, Residence Permit Extension