#1 - Nomination

If you wish to come to study at University of West Bohemia as an exchange student, your home university must officially nominate you by email to: erasmus@service.zcu.cz.


#2 - On-line Registration

You will get the instructions how to do it via email after your nomination

Registration form is available at university portal.


#3 - Application Forms and Deadlines

After the nomination, you will be asked to provide us 2  documents (Application and Accommodation form) within the deadlines:

for winter term: May 15 / May 1 (visa applicants)
for summer term:  November 30 / November 1 (visa applicants)


#4 - Learning Agreement (LA) - Faculty coordinators

It is a list of courses you will study at UWB, you prepare it within the online registration, have it signed by your home institution + by UWB faculty coordinator

List of Faculty coordinators:

Faculty of Economics (FEK): Mgr. Ivana KUTÁČOVÁ - ikutacov@fek.zcu.cz  

Faculty of  Mechanical Engineering (FST): Ing. Roman  ČERMÁK, Ph.D.  - rcermak@kks.zcu.cz

Mgr. Eva ŠATROVÁ - satrova@fst.zcu.cz   

Faculty of Education (FPE): Mgr. Barbora REYNAERT, Ph.D. - bbenesov@kan.zcu.cz 

Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL): Ing. Jan MICHALÍK, Ph.D. - jmichali@kev.zcu.cz  

Ing. Jana ČEČILOVÁ - cecilova@fel.zcu.cz 

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art (FDU): Mgr. Markéta  KOHOUTKOVÁ - mkohoutk@fdu.zcu.cz

Faculty of Law (FPR): Ivana JURČOVÁ - jurcova@kup.zcu.cz

Faculty of  Philosophy and Arts (FF): PhDr. Mgr. Helena HOROVÁ, Ph.D.  - horova@kro.zcu.cz

Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAV): Ing.Jan POSPÍŠIL, Ph.D. - favint@fav.zcu.cz

Faculty of Health Care Studies (FZS): Ing. Alena LOCHMANNOVÁ, Ph.D., MBA - lochmann@fzs.zcu.cz


#5 - Proof of Acceptance

After your LA is signed, you will receive by email the proof of acceptance to the studies + proof of booked place at the university dormitory.