There are 3 possibilities of the accommodation during your exchange stay in Pilsen:

1. University dormitories:

- apply at the exchange students´coordinator by email when sending the Application form (Eva Kotoučová,

- see different dorm buildings:

- single rooms are usually not available, please be ready for sharing the room with another student!

- before having the reservation confirmed, the student must pay a reservation fee (6 000,-CZK) in advance (by the 15th June for winter semester applicants / by the 10th December for summer semester applicants), more info: (procedure for accommodation request). Without this reservation fee payment, the student does not get any place at the dorm !!! The places are assigned by the accommodation officer (during June / December). The applicant can have a preference which cannot be guaranteed though.

HOTLINE: +420 735 715 814 (an interpreter on the phone, helps with the communication in English at the dorms).

2. Rent a flat at Unicity living project (Heimstaden):

Students must apply themselves and communicate directly with Heimstaden staff.


3. Find private accommodation on your own.