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Incoming international researchers

 We offer advice to researchers coming to the Czech Republic, in particular on the following topics:

 Entry and residence conditions

  •  Entry conditions (Visa, Residence for family members)

  •  Scientific Permit

Employment conditions:

  •  Recognition of degrees and qualifications

  •  Work and Working conditions

  •  Social security and pension rights

  •  Ethical issues

  •  Tax system

Life in the Czech Republic:

  •  Health care

  •  Accommodation

  •  Family Issues

  •  Education

  •  Culture, sports and leisure

  •  Financial services

  •  Czech language courses

Career development opportunities

  •   Job openings at the University of West Bohemia

Further information about these topics is also available in the Researcher´s Guide to the Czech Republic (PDF, 5,6 MB, 2005).


Scientific Permit

The Scientific Permit Package facilitates the procedure of admitting researchers coming from non-European countries (third-country nationals) to Europe for the purpose of research. Legally, the Scientific Permit Package consists of an EU Directive 2005/71/EC and two recommendations 2005/762/EC and 2005/761/EC.

The Scientific Permit is available for researchers in public organisations, not for students. A researcher for this purpose  is defined as a third-country national holding an appropriate higher education qualification, who is selected by a research organisation to carry out a research project for which such a qualification is normally required.

 What are the advantages of the Scientific Permit?

  1. EURAXESS local point will help throughout the immigration process

  2. There is a shorter processing period (60 days)

  3. A separate work permit is not required

  4. no obligation to submit an accommodation contract before arrival in the Czech Republic

  5. EURAXESS local point will also assist your family members.

 Applying for the long-term residence permit for the purpose of scientific research

The applicant is required to submit:

  1. Hosting Agreement (the original, issued by a public approved research organisation);

  2. Written confirmation by the host organisation (the original);

  3. Travel health insurance - basic medical insurance; recommended insurance companies are: VZP, Slavia, Maxima, Uniqua, Victoria - Volksbanken;

  4. Criminal records check from the country of origin and also from any other states where the applicant has had continuous residence for over 6 months during the last 3 years;

  5. Filled in GREEN application form;

  6. Travel document (passport);

  7. 2 pictures;

  8. Upon request a medical report.


The application must be submitted in person at the nearest diplomatic mission of the Czech Republic abroad (the researcher should inform us about the date of his/her appointment). All the documents have to be submitted in Czech, with official translation if the original was not in Czech. After the application has been approved, the researcher collects their entry visa at the embassy, and can travel to the Czech Republic. When they arrive, we help the researcher to obtain their residence card (the fee is 2500 CZK). With this residence card and their passport, the researcher can also travel to other Schengen countries, and can spend up to 3 months during any 6 months period in another Schengen state.


Extension of the Scientific permit

To extend their Scientific Permit, the applicant is required to submit:

  1. Hosting Agreement (original);

  2. Written confirmation by the host organisation (original);

  3. Travel document (passport);

  4. 1 picture;

  5. Filled in GREEN application form ;

  6. Accommodation contract (either the original of the contract, or a confirmation of accommodation which has been notarized).

Reporting changes

Every change (of address, passport, marital status, employer etc.) has to be reported to the Ministry of Interior.

 If you change your residence address (you must notify the change within 30 days from the date of the address change), a new residence card will be issued (the fee is 1000 CZK).

 Documents needed:

  1. Form for change of address (available at the MI or at a EURAXESS Service Centre);

  2. Original of new rental contract or confirmation of accommodation (in case of the confirmation, the signature of the landlord must be certified by a notary);

  3. Travel document (passport).

Contact: Ms Martina Bruštíková - HR Department, University of West Bohemia 
Phone: +420-735 713 982
E-mail: brustikm@rek.zcu.cz